mitaka – A browser extension for OSINT search


Mitaka is a browser extension makes your OSINT search & scan easy.

mitaka demo
  • ey features:
    • Auto IoC selection with refang.
      • E.g. example[.]com to example.comtest[at]example.com to [email protected]hxxp://example.com to http://example.com, etc.
    • Support 65+ services.



Supported IoCs

Name Desc. E.g.
asn ASN AS13335
btc BTC address 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa
cve CVE number CVE-2018-11776
domain Domain name github.com
email Email address [email protected]
eth Ethereum address 0x32be343b94f860124dc4fee278fdcbd38c102d88
gaPubID Google Adsense Publisher ID pub-9383614236930773
gaTrackID Google Analytics Tracker ID UA-67609351-1
hash MD5, SHA1, SHA256 44d88612fea8a8f36de82e1278abb02f
ip IPv4 address
url URL https://github.com

Supported search engines

Name URL Supported types
AbuseIPDB https://www.abuseipdb.com IP
AnyRun https://app.any.run Hash
apklab https://apklab.io Hash (SHA256)
archive.org https://archive.org URL
archive.today http://archive.fo URL
BGPView https://bgpview.io IP, ASN
BinaryEdge https://app.binaryedge.io IP, domain
BitcoinAbuse https://www.bitcoinabuse.com BTC
BitcoinWhosWhos https://bitcoinwhoswho.com BTC
Blockchain.com https://www.blockchain.com BTC
Blockchair https://blockchair.com BTC, ETH
BlockCypher https://live.blockcypher.com BTC
Censys https://censys.io IP, domain, ASN, email
Checkphish https://checkphish.ai IP, domain
crt.sh https://crt.sh Domain
DNSlytics https://dnslytics.com IP, domain
DomainBigData https://domainbigdata.com IP, domain, email
DomainTools https://www.domaintools.com IP, domain
DomainWatch https://domainwat.ch Domain, email
EmailRep https://emailrep.io Email
FOFA https://fofa.so IP, domain
FortiGuard https://fortiguard.com IP, URL, CVE
Google Safe Browsing https://transparencyreport.google.com Domain, URL
GreyNoise https://viz.greynoise.io IP, domain, ASN, CVE
Hashdd https://hashdd.com Hash
Hurricane Electric https://bgp.he.net/ IP, domain, ASN
HybridAnalysis https://www.hybrid-analysis.com IP, domain, hash
Intelligence X https://intelx.io IP, domain, URL, email, BTC
Intezer https://analyze.intezer.com Hash
IPinfo https://ipinfo.io IP, ASN
IPIP https://en.ipip.net IP, ASN
Joe Sandbox https://www.joesandbox.com Hash
MalShare https://malshare.com Hash
Maltiverse https://www.maltiverse.com Domain, hash
MalwareBazaar https://bazaar.abuse.ch Hash
Malwares https://www.malwares.com Hash
NVD https://nvd.nist.gov CVE
OOCPR https://data.occrp.org Email
ONYPHE https://www.onyphe.io IP
OpenTIP https://opentip.kaspersky.com Hash
OTX https://otx.alienvault.com IP, domain hash
Pulsedive https://pulsedive.com IP, domain, URL, hash
Radar https://radar.cloudflare.com IP, domain
RiskIQ http://community.riskiq.com IP, domain, email, Google Analytics Tracker ID
Robtex https://www.robtex.com IP, domain
Scumware https://www.scumware.org IP, domain, hash (MD5)
SecurityTrails https://securitytrails.com IP, domain, email
Shodan https://www.shodan.io IP, domain, ASN
Sploitus https://sploitus.com CVE
SpyOnWeb http://spyonweb.com IP, domain, Google Adsense Publisher ID, Google Analytics Tracker ID
Spyse https://spyse.com IP, domain, ASN
Talos https://talosintelligence.com IP, domain
ThreatConnect https://app.threatconnect.com IP, domain, email
ThreatCrowd https://www.threatcrowd.org IP, domain, email
ThreatMiner https://www.threatminer.org IP, domain, hash
TIP https://threatintelligenceplatform.com IP, domain
Triage https://tria.ge Hash, URL
URLhaus https://urlhaus.abuse.ch IP, domain
Urlscan https://urlscan.io IP, domain, ASN, URL
ViewDNS https://viewdns.info IP, domain, email
VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com IP, domain, URL, hash
VMRay https://www.vmray.com Hash
Vulmon https://vulmon.com CVE
VulncodeDB https://www.vulncode-db.com CVE
VxCube http://vxcube.com IP, domain, hash
WebAnalyzer https://wa-com.com Domain
X-Force Exchange https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com IP, domain, hash
ZoomEye https://www.zoomeye.org IP

Supported scan engines

name url supported types
Browserling https://www.browserling.com URL
HybridAnalysis https://www.hybrid-analysis.com URL
Urlscan https://urlscan.io IP, domain, URL
VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com URL

How to use

  • Use Mitaka to Perform In-Browser OSINT to Identify Malware, Sketchy Sites, Shady Emails & More

Note: Please set your API keys in the options for enabling HybridAnalysis, urlscan.io and VirusTotal scan.


You can enable / disable a search engine on the options page based on your preference.