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What Is WordPress?

What Is WordPress?

The simplest way to build your website or blog is by using CMS called WordPress. WordPress is an online open source website creation tool which is written in PHP and founded by Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little in collaboration.

Now it is okay if you even don’t have any knowledge of programming language and even it not required to look for some professional website developers. It has now become very easy by using WordPress tool simply you have to do is choose one theme from thousands of free site design and make changes into with drag and drop facility without writting with single line of code and without knowing anything about HTML, CSS bootstrap, JQuery nothing. So, WordPress gives such a freedom to build your websites as per your look and feel.

How it is much more than a blogging tool?

Primarily WordPress was used to create blogs only. But Now a days along with blogs if gives you facility of creating any type of websites. From blogging to e-commerce to business and portfolio websites, resumes, social networks, membership sites and many more.

How to get started with WordPress?

1. Shared Hosting

WordPress can work on websites of all kinds including those on inexpensive shared hosting accounts.

Most commonly used plan is shared hosting plan, where a single server is split between multiple websites.

To install WordPress in HostnExtra follow these steps:

  1. Visit our shared hosting plan page, purchase best suitable plan as per requirement.
  2. Once your account gets activated, you can login hosting account from client area, simply go to product/services -> select your domain -> at the bottom of the page, you can see one button called Login to Plesk Control Panel. Click the button.
  3. After you login into Plesk Control Panel. From left-hand side navigation bar click on domains.
  4. Select your domain.
  5. Once you select your domain, a page will appear with button on it named “Install WordPress”.


Plesk control panel hostnextra


      6. So once you hit the button, installation panel will appear.
           Now from the panel multiple options you can simple fill it as per your requirements.

WordPress Installation On Plesk HostnExtra

      7. Once completed click on install button.

After installation is completed successfully, now you can manage your WordPress site.

2. Managed WordPress

In managed WordPress, backend task like setting up, backup and update will be done from our side. Managed WordPress includes following:

  1. CloudLinux OS for security purpose along with SSL certificate for each site.
  2. Staging site where you can analyze your website first and then makes necessary changes into it before going live.
  3. Developers tool managing website via Git.
  4. 24/7 technical support.

and much more.

Visit our managed WordPress page to purchase the plan.

If you have any queries, Please contact us or you can simply raise a support ticket.